Become a Selfie Pro in Five Simple Steps

You're definitely not unattractive. But you're no longer a sixteen-year-old. You don't look picture perfect in every possible light and from every possible angle. 

In fact, in some pictures - especially those taken by other people - you look 10 years older and 10 pounds heavier than you actually are. Not nice.

Yet there is no way of getting around it. You'll have to selfie yourself. 

If you're famous and/or spend time on the stage you'll even have to deal with other people wanting to take selfies with you. And no way of knowing what you'll look like - or where the photo will be shared. 

What's a girl (or guy) to do?

You'll have to become a selfie-pro. 

How? Read on, follow these steps and the next time you need to take a selfie it will be a breeze. Promise. 

5 steps to becoming a selfie-PrO

1. Take charge

Take charge!

Take charge!

If someone else takes a selfie with you, you must take charge of the process. If there are able bodies around your best bet is to actually get a third person to take the picture of you and your fan. 

If this is not an option, then kindly offer to take the selfie with your fan's camera. 

Should they decline, then use the pro tips below to make the best of it. 

2. Quick check

Check face, hair, upper body

Check face, hair, upper body

Check your face, hair and upper body for irregularities using your front facing camera (who needs a mirror nowadays?).

Everything in order? No loose hairs, spinach stuck between your teeth, a necklace which has gone astray and now looks as if it's strangling you? 

Great - that means you're ready for step 3. 

3. Find the best light

Find the best light

Find the best light

Look for a spot with flattering light. 

The worst possible light is light from above. It makes you resemble an exhausted panda bear. 

The best light you can get is natural light from a north-facing window.

If this isn't available then go for any soft lighting, preferable from the side or front. 

Avoid using smartphone camera flash as this tends to create shiny white patches on your face.

4. Do a background check

Check what's in the background

Check what's in the background

So many people forget this - to their own detriment. They end up with things growing out of their ears, weird lines bisecting their heads or - even worse - stuff happening in the background which no-one really wants to see. Remember that bathroom selfie? Right. 

The best backgrounds are walls with a neutral colour (stay away from red or green, these will totally mess up your complexion). Make sure to stand away from the wall rather than against it - depending on your camera this may create a nice background blur. 

5. Assume The Position

Yes. There is such a thing as the perfect 'selfie' position. Hollywood stars use it on the red carpet, and you don't need a famous personal trainer or designer to achieve the same results.

You don't even need to be self-conscious about it. Rembrandt and many other famous artists used The Position. So rather than being vain you're simply using your knowledge of art history.

What is 'The Position'? 

Turn both head and shoulders

Turn both head and shoulders

It's quite simple. Rather than be portrayed from the front ('mugshot style') you turn both head and body slightly away from the camera to create a so-called three-quarter view. 

This will give you well-defined features, make you look slimmer and - even better - give you the air of a total professional. 

Just make sure you 

  1. keep looking into the lens
  2. don't turn away too far - you don't want ugly crinkles in your neck

When you have assumed The Position make sure the camera is in the best position too. 

The perfect perspective from which to take a selfie is not from below, but from slightly above eye level.

Taking selfies from slightly above eye-level usually works best

Taking selfies from slightly above eye-level usually works best

The higher up, the younger (and less authoritative) you will look. So use this secret knowledge with care - you don't want to end up looking like Bambi if you're running a Fortune 500 company. 

Last bit of advice: practice makes perfect. 

Simply practice when nobody's watching. Figure out which is your better half (we're all asymmetrical), experiment with different camera perspectives, practice 'The Position' and try to have a laugh in the process. Because you'll look so much better when you're having fun. 

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