Instant images when you're strapped for time


You've written an awesome article or newsletter. Well done. Now all you need is a picture to draw people in and illustrate your point - and you're done. 

But you're strapped for time. Can't afford to spend hours on the web searching for images. Or brainstorm possible illustrations you could make yourself. 

What to do? 

Use the 'before and after' principle!

It's quite simple. 

Show a picture of the situation before someone purchases your product or service. Or before they read your article. And show a picture of the situation after. The effect you or your products or articles have on people. 

One of the most basic ways to do this is to use Post-Its (which by the way serve as an instant frame).

Let's say, for example, that you help people make more money doing what they love. You could quickly illustrate this with something like the following image:


This is of course a very basic version. There are countless ways to illustrate this. From a coin to a banknote. From monopoly money to real cash. And so on.

Maybe you're not in the business of making people richer but of making people happier. For example by helping them manage their stress. 

Then you could create something like this:


And if you're selling the most amazing shampoo which helps hair grow back naturally? Then you can take this approach:


You probably get the point. But here's one last example just in case.


But beware: you must do this in a way that aligns with your brand. If you have a pretty posh company Post-Its won't impress. Buy mini gold plated frames instead. And if you're a Bohemian rebirthing coach they may feel a bit formal. In that case go and source some elliptical vintage frames or labels.

The pinciple stays the same though. Before - after. Keep it simple. Get it done.