Else Kramer works in the cutting edge of visual communication and creation. She has worked internationally to deliver inspiring and engaging keynotes on the latest visual trends and how these impact businesses, organizations and individuals.

Else advises businesses how to use visual content to improve customer experience, increase employee engagement, improve brand reputation and drive sales. Her company, Visual Revolutionaries, trains marketers and helps them create solid strategies for visual content marketing.

In addition, she creates user generated content campaigns that drive tons of traffic and enrich both brand and audience. 

Else combines an in-depth knowledge of photography, social media, visual arts, marketing and philosophy to translate larger visual trends into clear, actionable, winning strategies.

She lives in Rotterdam, has a room with a view, likes to run, loves to play with new gadgets, apps and platforms and has more Lego than you can imagine.  


Hillie Dijkstra

Loves photography that touches her, if she can see wat someone else experienced. She loves images because they make her travel around the world, without actually leaving the house. She gets excited by color, fruit salad, a book, fresh eggs, hugs of little goats, the husband who does the grocery shopping. She's secretly afraid of being photographed herself. 


Anouk Smidt

Feels happy when she finds stupid image-jokes and likes cheesy television shows very much, without feeling ashamed about it. Is improving her ping-pong skills since the last 4 weeks. So far without any succes.


Zina Burgers

Loves colouring calendars, climbing caves and going to the IKEA for fun. Anything else is quite normal about this girl. 


Joris Westerveld

Goes travelling as soon as there is only even a little chance for doing that, which, luckily for him, is there quite often. Inseparable from his surfboard you can find him with his camera on the waves of a random sea. Above all this, he can make you a restaurant worthy meal too. 


Boke Broeders

Does not only know every little detail about computers and his bass guitar but recently also learnt how to deal with bookkeeping. Sometimes you can find him lying in the sun at the Dutch island Schiermonnikoog.