do you want to

Activate fans and followers?

Turn your employees into visual ambassadors?

Increase the reach and impact of your brand?

Improve customer engagement?

Learn how to source, create, use and manage visual content?

Then get in touch! We can help you through


The move towards visual communication impacts us all. Else will let participants feel and see the impact of the Visual Revolution through interactive keynotes. 

She inspires, engages, and translates trends into strategies for professionals in customer experience, reputation management, employee engagement, marketing and communication. 



Are you finding it hard to meet the increasing need for visual content across so many channels and platforms? 

We offer workshops and training in visual content marketing, visual content management, visual storytelling, smartphone photography, smartphone videography and more. 

Our workshops are engaging, innovative, inspiring and very effective according to our participants. 


Everyone is now a photographer and a videographer.

What kind of risks AND opportunities does this translate to for your business?

We help you manage the risks and devise a strategy to make the most of the opportunities. . 

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Director Marketing and Communication: "Else is somebody who gives other people energy. She is very creative and takes people on a journey discovering their own creativity. Her workshops give you a platform to stimulate team-building. Don't think about it, just do it!"